2016 April Meeting

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Tom Wirsing– Platters

http://www.thomaswirsing.com/gallery.html  ” I love wood. I love its beautiful colors, its various textures, and I particularly love wood with dramatic variations in grain patterns. I grew up in a home full of antiques, most of which were built in the American colonies, and I loved their graceful lines and curves, the beauty of their wood, the patina of their well-rubbed finishes, and the softly reflected light from their surfaces. Turning bowls and platters on my wood lathes brings life to my love of wood. Imagine the pleasure I receive from mounting a piece of timber on the lathe and turning it into a form with flowing curves, beautiful color and figure, a satin finish, and an alluring feel. I particularly love turning large platters and bowls, which, like the antiques I grew up with, will become heirlooms enjoyed by many generations to come.”

Tom was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Tom’s dad was an expert on American period furniture and had a well-equipped workshop which included a lathe. Tom began turning wood as a young boy.  Tom graduated from Roanoke College with a degree in Physics. Read Tom’s complete story at http://www.thomaswirsing.com/our-story.html