American Woodturner
Amerian Association of Woodturners quarterly magazine
AAW Membership publication
More Woodturning
US-based, 10 times a year, tabloid sized
International subscriptions available
NZ Woodturner
National Association of Woodturners New Zealand quarterly magazine
The Woodturner
Britian-based magazine, 6 times a year
Woodturning Design
New U.S.-based woodturning magazine
Woodturning Magazine
Britain based internationally focused monthly magazine–Woodworking-Magazines–wwmags.html
International subscriptions available
Woodturning Demo File
Richard McGann
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Multilayer Ornaments

Schools, Courses and Classes

Schools, Courses and Classes


The Woodturners Catalog/Craft Supplies USA – Major supplier of woodturning tools and supplies
Packard Woodworks – Major supplier of woodturning tools and supplies
Highland Woodworking – General mail-order woodworking supplier
Hartville Tool – General mail-order woodworking supplier
Lee Valley/Veritas – General mail-order woodworking supplier – Good turning tool offerings
Rockler – General mail-order woodworking supplier, some turning tools, good hardware selection
Tools for Working Wood – Turning Tools
Woodchucker’s Supplies – Miscellaneous turning supplies
Woodcraft Supply – General mail-order woodworking supplier
Woodworker’s Supply – Large offering of lathe tools and turning supplies.
Hunter Tool Systems
Glaser Tech

General Woodturning Web Sites

Woodturner’s Resource – Wide range of woodturning resources, on-line videos, tutorials, etc.
Woodturning Online – Articles for the beginner, miscellaneous articles on techniques, etc. – Miscellaneous Articles on Woodturning – Woodturning Wizardry Web site – equipment, techniques, supplies.
Marshall’s Woodturning Links – Excellent “launching point”
More Woodturning – Fred Holder’s web site devoted to woodturning.
Out of Control Woodturning – Diverse site with useful links
Google Directory on Woodturning – Another site with a range of interesting content
Woodturning Reference and Information Site – England
Turned Wood Boxes by Mike Stafford
Richard McGann – How to Turn a Cabriole Leg Document


Online Videos