2015 – Gallery

2015 November Meeting

Mark St. Leger


2015 October Meeting


2015 July Meeting

2015 June Meeting

“Tips Tricks and Jigs”

Peter Toch demonstrated several of his fixtures including one for measuring bowl bottom thickness,  another for steadying your hand while marking the bottom of a bowl.  He also showed his pencil holders.

John O’Connell showed his arraignment for using a cutoff wheel on the lathe, several home made tools for texturing on the lathe and a jig for measuring diameters of shells to fit to the finials.  John also showed his vacuum chuck and an jig for mounting on a chuck to make offset pendants.

Dan Madar showed a lathe mounted tool holder,  a home made chatter tool,  and several gadgets for use at the lathe.

Jim Proffitt wrapped up the evening with a very good explanation and demonstration on Thread Chasing.

2015 May Meeting

Dixie Biggs

2015 April Meeting

Don Riggs

2015 March Meeting

Clinton Spencer